The team that produces
technologically advanced
scooter parts.
What is Cometa?
Cometa is not just another brand of scooter parts: it is a large and vibrant community. In addition to production we support and participate in a variety of activities, we sponsor talented riders for their achievements and skills. Our production of details is completely located in Russia. At the moment strong high-tech Cometa T-bars are presented in a wide range of colors. Our products can be met in different parts of the world and we get positive feedback from our family. After all the one who owns Cometa parts is a part of our family.

Quality you can trust

Cometa is a completely Russian product. The quality of production is controlled at every stage, so the risk of any defect is completely eliminated. At the moment the capacity of our production allows us to produce about 500 items per month and we are not going to stop there
4 principles of Cometa quality:
To provide world-class parts we carefully follow the technology throughout the production:
Quality of materials
Our products are manufactured from the strongest steel 35HGSA. It proved to be one of the best in the military and space industries of Russia, it is used for aircraft, military Arctic snowmobiles and Kalashnikov assault rifles as well.
Robotic welding
Robotic welding allows to make a perfect seam. Our tests show the possibility of withstanding unimaginable loads on the weld seam.
Thermal processing
During the steeling, each detail is heated to almost melting point, and then cooled instantly. In this case the metal molecules form a single structure. This gives the details of The Сometa Scooters an advantage in strength over the details of the leading manufacturers of scooters.

Painting and decorating
We try to make our production unique therefore we use bright colors and pigments at painting. We are ready to make new exclusive colors if needed.
Cometa Scooters Team
Cometa brand supports the best riders encouraging their desire for progress.
Our team is not only recruited with strong athletes, but also acquires its own party, bloggers, legends and its own traditions.

If you consider yourself worthy of sponsorship from the Cometa brand, upload your best video-edit to COMETA SCOOTERS vk.com/cometascooters or www.instagram.com/cometascooters. Best riders will be provided with the most technological bar by Russian production Cometa!
Cometa brand products
From all variety of colors everyone will be able to choose a matching detail.
Buy directly from the manufacturer
Every day we work to make you happy!
Original products
Buying from us you get full confidence that you buy original high-tech products.
Worldwide deliver
While buying from us directly, we will send you the details worldwide.
Return guarantee
If our items do not fit, we are ready to refund the purchase price - you pay only the cost of return shipping.
Anything can happen ...

If your item got inapplicable (for example — got bent after the truck override) — do not rush to throw it. Send it to us and we will gladly make a 30% discount on the same new item.
Official dealers of Cometa
Details of the Cometa brand are presented in the leading scooter shops and by regional representatives.
Our contact
If you organize events or you have interesting ideas and suggestions, let us know, we can make it true together!
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